Charity Hackathons: September 2019 Report

At the end of 2018 we reported on the progress of the do_action charity hackathon event series for the year. At that time, we had worked with twelve local communities over the course of the year to help them run their own do_action events — a step up from four events the previous year!

Participants at the do_action event in Karachi.

So far in 2019, eleven successful do_action events have been organized across Europe, Africa, Asia and Central America, while another five are on the schedule for the rest of the year. Of these eleven events, nine were the first-time do_action events for the city. This kind of growth has been great to see and we are encouraged by the way the do_action program has been embraced by so many new communities.

A group of the do_action Rotterdam participants.

At the eleven events that have already taken place, there were a total of 465 participants from the local communities and a total of 75 non-profits organizations that received brand new websites, as well as WordPress training on the day of the event.

do_action teams working hard in Lagos.

Some of the websites built at these do_action events are:

All of the participants who took part in the Manila do_action event.

While these websites all look great, they offer these non-profits so much more than a fresh online presence. With their new websites working for them, each of these organizations is able to receive donations, attract volunteers, help more people, and further their charitable work. It is a great gift that goes beyond a bit of programming and really touches the heart of what the founders of organizations like these set out to do in the first place.

As we look ahead to the rest of 2019 and beyond, we’re excited to see what our communities do for even more non-profit organizations and where the do_action program will grow from here.

One of the do_action Bengaluru build teams hard at work.

See the do_action website to find a local event near you, and read through the Organizer’s Handbook to find out more about organizing one yourself.