2022 Financials

In 2022, the WordPress Foundation and its subsidiary provided support and guidance for a total of 25 WordCamps and over 700 meetup groups, organized by volunteers in communities all over the world. There were 2 WordCamp events in the US and 23 WordCamp events outside the US. Given COVID concerns, 2 of the total WordCamp events were online events.

In 2016, the WordPress Foundation created a subsidiary, organized as a public benefit corporation ((a for-profit entity that voluntarily meets higher standards of transparency, accountability, and performance), to provide a fiscal entity to support organizers of WordPress community events. This B-corp is named WordPress Community Support. We’ll report on both entities’ 2022 financials on this page.

WordPress Foundation

WordPress Foundation’s total revenue was $23,922.30, with donations making up all of this amount.

Expenses for the WordPress Foundation totaled $41,800. The greatest expense of 2022 was Charitable Grants totaling $30,000.

WordPress Community Support, PBC

The total revenue of the Foundation’s subsidiary B-corp, WordPress Community Support, was $2,768,057:

  • Sponsorship Income: $2,509,850 (91% of total revenue)
  • Ticket Sales $258,207 (9% of total revenue)

Expenses for WordPress Community Support, PBC totaled $2,608,003, as detailed below:

  • WordCamp expenditures: $2,159,747 (82.81% of total expenses)
  • Meetup expenditures: $229,571 (8.80% of total expenses)
    • Total Meetup.com dues: $224,249
    • Total Meetup Venue rental & exp: $5,322
  • Operations: $218,685 (8.39% of total expenses)

In 2022, the WordCamp community began organizing in-person events, and due to this the highest categories of expenses were Venue Rental and Food & Beverage for events. 

WordPress Community Support also supported the publishing of 630 videos in 2022 from WordCamps to WordPress.tv with the help of various production companies who assisted with the online format. 

  • Video Processing or Videography: $176,140

Major operational expenses for WPCS included:

  • Sponsorship Grants: $39,068
  • Taxes & Licenses: $38,479
  • Insurance: $24,832 (increased due to restarting foreign events)
  • COVID related expenses (masks, sanitizer): $23,862
  • Legal & Professional Fees: $19,500
  • Swag: $16,001
  • Dues & Subscriptions $15,640
  • Bank Charges & Merchant Fees: $13,759

One other item of note, is that WPCS being a corporate entity, does pay tax when there is a net profit. In 2022, WPCS had positive net income and total  taxes owed were $45,065. This includes taxes prepaid to CA totaling $6,586.