2013 Financials

In 2013, the WordPress Foundation provided support and guidance for a total of 71 WordCamps, organized by volunteers in communities all over the world. There were 31 events in the US and 40 events outside the US.

The Foundation’s total revenue was $1,031,269, the vast majority of which related to the 37 WordCamps that used the WordPress Foundation as their financial entity:

  • $848,925 — Sponsorship donations to WordCamps (82% total revenue).
  • $182,081 — WordCamp ticket sales (18% total revenue).
  • $29,829 — Donations/royalties unrelated to WordCamps (>1% total revenue).

Total Foundation’s expenditures equaled $798,880, as detailed below:

  • $742,043 (93%) related to WordCamps that used the WordPress Foundation as their financial entity
  • $24,026 (3%) related to WordPress.tv content production
  • $32,811 (4%) related to operational expenses

Major WordCamp expenses were concentrated in venue and food & beverage.


Percentage of total expense

Food & beverage, including after-parties and speaker events $279,733 38%
Venue rental $210,980 28%
Event tees and other swag* $107,997 15%
International & Domestic WordCamp grants*** $64,010 9%
Printing & signage $34,923 5%
Misc expenses including speaker gifts, AV/Wireless, etc $29,556 4%
Event Supplies $11,475 2%
Travel scholarships** $3,369 1%

* Classified as advertising and promotion on tax documents.

** The WordPress Foundation occasionally pays travel expenses for commit-level contributors who require financial assistance to travel to WordCamps and speak.

*** The WordPress Foundation helped some 2013 WordCamps that didn’t use the Foundation as their financial entity by forwarding corporate sponsorship payments from companies unable to send them money directly.

The WordPress Foundation also supported the publishing of 605 videos from WordCamps held in 2013 to WordPress.tv by providing video camera kits to WordCamps. These kits include an HD camcorder, tripod, external microphone, SD cards, and a hard case for shipping.

The total expenditure of this program was $24,026.

Major Foundation operational expenses included:

  • Legal and accounting fees: $10,335
  • Banking fees (which allow us to execute international wire transfers) and PayPal fees (related to event registration): $15,656
  • Insurance: $6,820