2023 Financials

In 2023, the WordPress Foundation and its subsidiary, WordPress Community Support, PBC, provided support and guidance for a total of 65 WordCamps, 4 WordPress Events, 1 Community Summit, and over 736 meetup group events organized by volunteers in communities all over the world. There were 6 WordCamp events held in the US and 63 WordCamps and WordPress Events held outside the US. 

In 2016, the WordPress Foundation created a subsidiary, organized as a public benefit corporation ((a for-profit entity that voluntarily meets higher standards of transparency, accountability, and performance), to provide a fiscal entity to support organizers of WordPress community events. This B-corp is named WordPress Community Support. We’ll report on both entities’ 2023 financials on this page.

WordPress Foundation

WordPress Foundation’s total revenue was $26,438, with donations making up all of this amount.

Expenses for the WordPress Foundation totaled $2,437. The largest expense of 2023 was Dues & Subscriptions totaling $1,029.

WordPress Community Support, PBC

The total revenue of the Foundation’s subsidiary B-corp, WordPress Community Support, was $4,108,124:

  • Sponsorship Income: $3,605,226 (88% of total revenue)
  • Ticket Sales $502,898 (12% of total revenue)

Expenses for WordPress Community Support, PBC totaled $4,275,813, as detailed below:

  • WordCamp expenditures: $3,922,735 (92% of total expenses)
  • Meetup expenditures: $232,481 (5% of total expenses)
    • Total Meetup.com dues: $220,133
    • Total Meetup Venue rental & exp: $12,348
  • Operations: $120,597 (3% of total expenses)

As is common with events, the highest categories of expenses were Venue Rental and Food & Beverage. The total amount expended for Venue Rentals in 2023 was $1,111,335 (26% of total expenses), and for Food & Beverage the total spend was $1,197,854 (28% of total expenses). 

WordPress Community Support also supported the publishing of 1,262 videos in 2023 from WordCamps to WordPress.tv, with the help of various production companies who assisted with editing. 

  • Video Processing or Videography: $71,815

Major operational expenses for WPCS included:

  • Swag: $46,544 (WP lanyards + stickers sent to WP events)
  • Insurance: $25,252 
  • Legal & Professional Fees: $20,050 (Audit expense for 2023)
  • Dues & Subscriptions $16,452
  • Bank Charges & Merchant Fees: $4,368