2019 Financials

In 2019, the WordPress Foundation and its subsidiary provided support and guidance for a total of 142 WordCamps and hundreds of meetup groups, organized by volunteers in communities all over the world. There were 41 WordCamp events in the US and 101 WordCamp events outside the US.

In 2016, the WordPress Foundation created a subsidiary, organized as a public benefit corporation, to provide a fiscal entity to support organizers of WordPress community events. This B-corp is named WordPress Community Support. This page has a report on both entities’ 2019 financials.

WordPress Foundation

WordPress Foundation’s total revenue was $7,641, with donations making up all of this amount. Of the total amount donated to WordPress Foundation, $1,225 was in direct support of do_action charity hackathons in 2019.

Expenses for the WordPress Foundation totaled $53,401. Major 2019 program related expenses include:

  • do_action charity hackathon grants $17,352
  • Charitable Contributions to other organizations $30,000 **
  • Kim Parsell Scholarship expenses $2,828
  • Web services (file transfer fees): $953
  • OSS Workshops: $547

**Charitable contributions made during the 2019 year were contributed by WordPress Community Support (WPF’s subsidiary)details are listed below

WPF Operations related expenses include:

  • Bank fees: $932
  • Dues & Subscriptions $789

WordPress Community Support, PBC

The total revenue of the Foundation’s subsidiary B-corp, WordPress Community Support, was $‎5,231,388:

  • Sponsorship Income: $4,291,292 (82% of total revenue)
  • Ticket Sales $928,448 (17.7% of total revenue)
  • Product Sales from “pop up swag stores” at WordCamps: $1,236 (<1% of total revenue)

Expenses for WordPress Community Support, PBC totaled $5,083,811, as detailed below:

  • WordCamp expenditures: $4,452,351 (87.6% of total expenses)
  • Meetup expenditures: $249,920 (4.9% of total expenses)
    • Total Meetup.com dues: $216,531
    • Total Meetup Venue rental: $33,209
    • Total Meetup accessibility expenses: $180
  • WordPress.tv content production: $108,079 (2.1% of total expenses)
  • Operations: $273,461 (5.4% of total expenses)

As usual, major WordCamp expenses were concentrated in food & beverage and venue.

WordCamp Expense% of Total Expense
Food & Beverage, including After-Parties and Speaker Events
Venue Rental$1,267,13428%
Event Tees and Other Swag*$361,8308%
Audio/Visual Services$415,9338%
International Sponsorship Grants**$231,9325%
Event Accessibility Services$180,8024%
Printing & Signage$132,8983%
Event Supplies$47,9371%
Childcare Services & Related Insurance$17,728<1%

* Classified as promotion goods on tax documents.

** WPCS helped some 2019 WordCamps that didn’t use WPCS as their financial entity by forwarding corporate sponsorship payments from companies unable to send them money directly.

WordPress Community Support also supported the publishing of 1,534 videos from WordCamps and Meetups held in 2019 to WordPress.tv, by providing video production services and video camera kits to WordCamps. These kits include an HD camcorder, tripod, external microphone, SD cards, lavalier microphone, and a hard case for shipping.

The total expenditures of this program were $108,079:

  • Video Processing or Videography Services: $102,998
  • Video Camera Kit Shipping: $5,081

Major operational expenses for WPCS included:

  • Charitable Contributions: $30,000 (paid from the subsidiary’s accounts instead of WordPress Foundation accounts due to a surplus in the B-corp)

Internet Archive: $15,000

Black Girls Code: $15,000

  • Legal & Professional Fees: $79,705
  • Bank Charges & Merchant Fees: $75,843
  • Taxes & Licenses: $48,906
  • Centralized swag (such as lanyards) purchasing: $33,740
  • Write-offs of unpaid sponsorships from 2018: $17,662
  • Dues & Subscriptions $16,716
  • Insurance: $11,902
  • Exchange rate adjustments: ($47,410) **favorable