do_action hackathons and open-source workshops in 2021

In 2020, we saw do_action events and open-source workshops move online. Around the world, community members organized 5 do_action hackathons (4 of which were online) and a handful of open-source workshops last year. In moving these events online, community organizers not only brought their WordPress community closer together, but they were also able to make a positive impact on their local or regional community in an exceptionally-difficult year.  

Seeing this impact, we would like to help more organizers host even more of these online charity hackathons (do_action events) and Introduction to Open Source workshops in 2021. This post shares more information for community organizers who would like to organize do_action events in 2021.

do_action charity hackathons

Based on feedback from the community members, do_action events so far have been quite impactful in how they bring participants together to help non-profits establish an online presence, something all the more significant in 2021. Here is how we plan to support do_action events in 2021:

  • Improving the online do_action event documentation: The community team is currently working on revamping the documentation for online do_action events to include tips on remote collaboration, using collaboration tools, remote project management etc. Additionally, we will be reaching out to past do_action organizers to share recaps and help share task lists to help organizers get used to the online event format. 
  • Sponsored accounts: Organizers can reserve and use Community-sponsored Zoom Pro accounts for their events. 
  • Countrywide do_action events: There were a few countrywide do_action events in 2020. More regional/countrywide events are encouraged. 
  • Linking do_action events with WordCamps and mentoring: Since WordCamps are also online, organizers can organize do_action events in tandem with their online WordCamps, for more impact. Similarly, new do_action organizers will get mentoring from past organizers/mentors/community deputies.
  • Technology changes: The following changes will be implemented on the website in 2021 to support our organizers in a better way: 
    • to Google Workspace / G Suite (so that organizers can use custom emails – get access to a branded Google Workspace account) – Due March 2021
    • will be modified to support multiple event dates. – Due June 2021
    • The do_action application will be moved to Due June 2021

Does all of this sound exciting? If you would like to organize a do_action event in your locality, please send in your application through this form! Community deputies will get back to you shortly to take it forward.

Introduction to Open-source workshops

Introduction to Open Source workshops help spread knowledge and understanding of the open web and open source. They have also been instrumental in onboarding new contributors to WordPress. With the Learn WordPress workshops on Introduction to Open-source, meetup groups could host a watch party of the recorded workshop or organize a discussion group. Here’s how community members can organize open-source workshops in 2021. 

Organizers can feature these workshops and discussion groups in the WordPress Foundation blogs by reaching out to the community team. Since open-source workshops are online, there is no cost involved in organizing them, but organizers can always request paid zoom accounts for their event

The WordPress community has the power to uplift and empower people across the world by organizing these events. Our community organizers have already done stellar work in 2020, despite the challenges posed by the COVID-19 pandemic. As we step into 2021, we look forward to supporting and seeing what organizers do with these online events to help their communities!

Open Source Workshops: November 2020 report

The WordPress Foundation has been organizing Introduction to Open Source workshops, as part of our continuing efforts to educate the public about WordPress and related open-source software (OSS). In 2019, as part of our goal of organizing workshops in parts of the world with less participation in open source, we held four successful workshops in India, Pakistan, Bhutan, and Thimphu. 

By March 2020, the COVID-19 pandemic had engulfed the world, forcing community organizers to cancel all in-person events. Unfazed by these challenges, our community organizers pivoted to online events by organizing four successful online charity hackathons in Japan, South Africa, India, and Nigeria, so far. The Introduction to Open Source workshops have also moved online. The workshop is now available online as part of Learn WordPress, which is a brand new initiative from WordPress contributor teams to help people learn how to use, build for, and contribute to WordPress. Community members across the world can now learn about Open-Source safely from the comfort of their homes and test their knowledge using the embedded quiz. The workshops are also followed by discussion groups, where participants can discuss their learnings in real-time and find answers to their questions.  

As of November 2020, the Introduction to Open-source workshop video has been viewed 757 times. Three online discussion group events with over 152 RSVPs were also held successfully. Sign-ups are open for two more discussion groups that are listed below:

You can watch the workshop video and participate in these discussion groups to learn about open-source software and find answers to your questions on open-source.

In addition to these scheduled discussion groups, community organizers can organize their own online discussion groups (based on the lesson plan)or hold online watch parties for the Introduction to Open-Source workshop

Given the global spread of the COVID-19 pandemic, WordPress Foundation events are likely to be held online in 2021. We will be announcing our plans for 2021 events later this year.

Charity Hackathons: August 2020 Report

In September 2019, we shared about the progress of do_action charity hackathons for the year. We went on to work with 15 local communities to organize charity hackathons in 2019, which is a remarkable improvement over the 12 events from 2018.

2020 brought in some unexpected challenges for community organizers across the world due to COVID-19. By March 2020, the pandemic had spread out to most parts of the world, and hence many organizers were forced to make the difficult decision to cancel their planned in-person events. Despite these challenges, community organizers worldwide joined hands with a firm resolve to help charities by organizing online do_action events. As a result, we have seen three online do_action events in 2020 so far, with more events in the pipeline. 

Volunteers of do_action Japan doing a virtual wave.

In pre-COVID-19 times, do_action events were local – with volunteers and NGOs belonging to the respective cities. However, since online events are location-agnostic, organizers decided to experiment with larger do_action events that elicited participants spanning an entire country! The first of such events – do_action Japan – was a success! The event was followed by do_action South Africa in June and do_action India in August. Community organizers have embraced the online event format and are excited about the process.

As geographical restrictions had eased, community organizers went a step ahead and used the opportunity to help out charities located in far-flung areas. Instead of a single day event, local communities experimented with spreading out the event over multiple days or weeks. Organizers, volunteers, and charities also used tools such as Slack and Zoom to collaborate during the event.

A screenshot from a do_action India launch event.

The three events that have already taken place in 2020 saw 359 participants helping out 23 non-profits build their brand new websites. Volunteers also trained these Non-profits on how to use their websites after each event.

Here are some of the websites built at these do_action events:

More than strengthening these charities’ web presence, the websites help these charities in furthering their mission by assisting them to attract volunteers, teach courses, receive donations, and help more people. Our community members’ excellent work goes the extra mile in taking forward the mission and vision of these organizations.

Volunteers of do_action South Africa are helping non-profits learn how to use the WordPress block editor.

We live in challenging times, where the actions of a global community have the power to uplift others’ lives. Unfazed by the challenges of COVID-19, our communities have done stellar work to support charities that contribute to the greater good. As we move forward to the rest of 2020, we are excited to see what our communities do for even more non-profit organizations, and how the do_action program will grow and adapt to an online format!

Update: Kim Parsell Memorial Scholarship for WordCamp US 2020

The WordCamp US organizing team has recently made the difficult decision to move WCUS 2020 online due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Because the Kim Parsell Memorial Scholarship is intended to provide travel assistance to a woman-identifying contributor with financial need who has never attended WordCamp US before, we will not be issuing the scholarship this year. When it is safe to meet in person, we will resume the scholarship once again for future, in person, WordCamp US events. 

Kim Parsell Memorial Scholarship for WordCamp US 2020

MAY 8, 2020 UPDATE: Because WordCamp US 2020 will be online, we will not be issuing the scholarship this year.

The WordPress Foundation will once again offer the Kim Parsell Memorial Scholarship. Kim was a valued and committed contributor to the WordPress open source project, and this is the WordPress Foundation’s way of honoring her memory. This scholarship will be awarded to one woman-identifying WordPress contributor who has never attended WordCamp US before, and requires financial assistance to attend.

The Kim Parsell Memorial Scholarship provides travel assistance so that the recipient can attend WordCamp US, including travel from the recipient’s home city, hotel stay for the duration of the event, and a ticket to WordCamp US.  

To be considered, please apply no later than Friday, May 29, 2020 at 12 am Pacific.

For more details, please visit the WordPress Foundation’s About the Kim Parsell Memorial Scholarship page

Click here to apply for the scholarship.

WordPress Foundation Donates to Black Girls Code and Internet Archive

In January 2017 we committed to donating towards the work of Black Girls Code and Internet Archive. We have done that each year since, and 2019 was no exception: at the end of the year, we donated $15,000 to each organization.

We chose these organizations because they align well with the vision of the WordPress Foundation.

Black Girls Code focuses on empowering young women of color to become innovators in STEM fields, leaders in their communities, and builders of their own futures through exposure to computer science and technology – a mission that we believe in and strongly support as it aligns with our goal improving education in software.

Internet Archive is a non-profit library of millions of free books, movies, software, music, websites, and more. Their commitment to maintaining this archive makes them a natural fit alongside our mission to democratize publishing for all.

Successful Open Source Workshops in Bhutan, India, Pakistan and Angola

In 2019, we set a goal of supporting the organizing more “Introduction to Open Source” workshops in parts of the world with less participation in open source: Latin and South America, Africa, Oceania, and Asia*.

Currently, we have had these workshops taking place in

Vadodara, India

The Introduction to Open Source workshop in Vadodara happened on September 01.

The workshop touched on different open-source licences and a discussion around why major organizations use the GPL license.

Dhruv Pandya who organized the event, felt the workshop would help their meetup grow with newer members.

After the announcement of “Intro to open source” workshop more attendees have become more involved with us

Lahore, Pakistan

The Introduction to Open Source workshop in Lahore happened on September 14.

Abdullah Ramzan who organized the event was excited about discussions around various open source projects, and a session around GitHub.

Thimphu, Bhutan

Ugyen Dorji organized the Introduction to Open Source Workshop in Thimphu, Bhutan on October 5.

Along with a session which introduced people to different types of open source software and their licenses, they combined it with a second session around building sites on WordPress using the new block editor.

Luanda, Angola

Marcio Zebedeu organized the Workshop Introdução ao Open Source on October 25. It was a small meetup hence they mainly decided to have a discussion around the GPL licence and how open source software would help their local community.

Marcio feels the workshop has helped recruit more local organizers for meetups around translating WordPress to Portuguese (Angola).

More workshops in the pipeline

There are a couple of workshops being still being planned that will happen in 2019. They are not announced as yet.

In the next couple of months we will open applications for Open Source Workshops for 2020.

*According to a recent study, the majority of Github participation in OSS projects is centered in North America and Western and Northern Europe.

Charity Hackathons: September 2019 Report

At the end of 2018 we reported on the progress of the do_action charity hackathon event series for the year. At that time, we had worked with twelve local communities over the course of the year to help them run their own do_action events — a step up from four events the previous year!

Participants at the do_action event in Karachi.

So far in 2019, eleven successful do_action events have been organized across Europe, Africa, Asia and Central America, while another five are on the schedule for the rest of the year. Of these eleven events, nine were the first-time do_action events for the city. This kind of growth has been great to see and we are encouraged by the way the do_action program has been embraced by so many new communities.

A group of the do_action Rotterdam participants.

At the eleven events that have already taken place, there were a total of 465 participants from the local communities and a total of 75 non-profits organizations that received brand new websites, as well as WordPress training on the day of the event.

do_action teams working hard in Lagos.

Some of the websites built at these do_action events are:

All of the participants who took part in the Manila do_action event.

While these websites all look great, they offer these non-profits so much more than a fresh online presence. With their new websites working for them, each of these organizations is able to receive donations, attract volunteers, help more people, and further their charitable work. It is a great gift that goes beyond a bit of programming and really touches the heart of what the founders of organizations like these set out to do in the first place.

As we look ahead to the rest of 2019 and beyond, we’re excited to see what our communities do for even more non-profit organizations and where the do_action program will grow from here.

One of the do_action Bengaluru build teams hard at work.

See the do_action website to find a local event near you, and read through the Organizer’s Handbook to find out more about organizing one yourself.

Open Source Workshops Announced for 2019

Early in the year, as part of our continuing efforts to educate the public about WordPress and related open source software (OSS), we announced funding to Introduction to Open Source workshops for 2019.

The following communities have scheduled an Introduction to Open Source workshop, at the following dates:

This is a first short-list and we will be announcing some more later in the year as more events get confirmed.

Once all these events take place, we’ll publish recaps of the workshops. Many thanks to all of the groups who applied for the grant this year!

If you’re interested in helping the WordPress Foundation support open source education all over the world, please donate today!

2019 Kim Parsell Memorial Scholarship Recipient: Carol Gann

This year’s Kim Parsell Memorial Scholarship recipient is Carol Gann, an enthusiastic WordPress developer, meetup, and WordCamp organizer from the Orlando community. Carol’s passion is empowering people with WordPress. In particular, she enjoys helping small business owners and bloggers be comfortable and conversant with their WordPress websites, and has created numerous, online WordPress tutorials and videos.

The WordPress Foundation created this memorial scholarship in 2015, to honor the memory of longtime WordPress contributor Kim Parsell. This scholarship provides financial support to a woman who contributes to the WordPress open source project, who would not otherwise be able to attend WordCamp US. More information on the scholarship, including information on past recipients, is available here

You can read more about Carol and what led her to this opportunity on the WordCamp US 2019 site